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Whether you’re pregnant with your first child or expanding your family, rely on Davda Medical Group in Piscataway, New Jersey, for high-quality obstetrics. OB/GYN Niyati Davda, MD, provides comprehensive obstetric services, including prenatal care and advanced on-site capabilities, such as ultrasound exams and twin monitoring. Call today or book a consultation online.

Obstetrics Q & A

When do I need obstetrics?

As soon as you see the happy result of a positive pregnancy test, contact Davda Medical Group. Dr. Davda will want to begin to monitor your health and that of your growing baby as your pregnancy progresses. You'll also discuss your delivery plan and postpartum recovery. 

Obstetric services at Davda Medical Group include:

  • Prenatal visits
  • In-office ultrasound exams
  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Labor and delivery
  • Postpartum follow-up care

You can count on Dr. Davda and the caring team at Davda Medical Group for support during your pregnancy and following delivery.

How often do I need pregnancy checkups?

Your schedule of prenatal visits depends on whether Dr. Davda considers your pregnancy high risk or low risk. With a low-risk pregnancy, you visit Davda Medical Group every four weeks in your first six months of pregnancy. This schedule shifts to every two weeks during your seventh and eight months. In your ninth month of pregnancy, you visit Davda Medical Group every week until you deliver your baby. 

However, with a high-risk pregnancy, you visit Davda Medical Group for obstetric care more often. Dr. Davda may consider your pregnancy high risk due to various factors, such as your age, weight, or a chronic condition, like diabetes. If you're having more than one baby, such as twins, you can expect more frequent visits, too.

If you’ve gone into premature labor before or had problems in a past pregnancy, you'll also need obstetric care more frequently than women without a history of these complications.

What happens during a prenatal visit? 

During your initial visit to Davda Medical Group, Dr. Davda conducts a complete physical exam and may perform an ultrasound. Davda Medical Group offers on-site ultrasound services to monitor your pregnancy. Dr. Davda also recommends a series of diagnostic and screening tests as part of your obstetric care. 

Davda Medical Group offers the latest advancements in obstetric care and state-of-the-art equipment to monitor your baby. For example, Dr. Davda provides an on-site nonstress test, with the ability to monitor twins. The nonstress test, which measures fetal heart rate and movement in the third trimester, helps ensure that your baby is getting enough oxygen and thriving.

For high-quality obstetrics to promote your health and that of your growing baby, rely on the expertise of Dr. Davda at Davda Medical Group. Call today or book your obstetric visit online.